Discover The Top 6 Historical Sites Near Our Office

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A great spot for business location is important to a company. It’s not all about settling into a place without taking considerations of the benefits and disadvantages of the vicinity. It can be a place that is easy to locate and has a good historic background that might reflect the image of your business.

Our office is located in the heart of the historic town of Angeles City surrounded by shops, banks and government offices and definitely a plus factor for all our guests. Surrounding our office are city landmarks that contribute to the nostalgic past of the city. They are being preserved until the present times. Here are some of the lists:

Bale Matua

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The Founders’ Residence or the so-called Bale Matua, located in the heart of Santo Rosario, is considered the oldest building in the city. This house made of high stone and an ornate gate was built in 1824 by the city founder, Don Ángel Pantaleón de Miranda, and his wife, Doña Rosalia de Jesus, and was inherited by their only daughter, Doña Juana de Miranda de Henson. It symbolizes the impressive past of Angeles City in the middle of modernization growth.


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Camalig was built in 1840 by Don Ciriaco de Miranda, the first gobernadorcillo of Angeles, and was used as a grain storehouse along Santo Rosario Street. It was restored in 1980 by Armando L. Nepomuceno and is now the site of Armando’s Pizza and the historic Camalig Restaurant.

Holy Rosary Parish Church

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Holy Rosary Parish Church or today called by locals as “Pisambang Maragul” (Big Church) established in the epicenter of the Angeles City. The church has recently been recognized as a national historical site by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

Museo Ning Angeles

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Museo Ning Angeles (Museum of Angeles) is a vintage building which stands across the Holy Rosary Parish Church. Cultural activities of the city are held in this venue as well as exhibits, art classes and other traditional celebrations.

Pamintuan Mansion

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The Old Pamintuan Mansion served as the Central Headquarter for Major General Arthur MacArthur, Jr., the father of General Douglas MacArthur. It also served as the seat of government t of the First Philippine Republic under General Emilio Aguinaldo from May to July 1899. At present, this tourist spot is a venue for city’s special occasions.

Bale Herencia

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Bale Herencia (Ancestral House) located in Lakandula Street Corner Santo Rosario Street. It is a picturesque house with the unsavoury reputation of having built for the mistress of a parish priest. Now, the current owners use it as a banquet hall.


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