It’s time to expand!

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Well, it’s time for the small-but-mighty team to expand! Fullstack IT Solutions is settling to a new vintage-like office. We are shifting at our new company address: 468-B 2F Lead Bldg., Sto. Rosario St., Angeles City, Pampanga 2009.

As you enter our new office, the reception area would welcome you with a perfect view of our three clocks representing three different time-zones. The tables and computers perfectly aligned for the employees to work comfortably. Furthermore, the dining area is a pleasant place to have a break and grab a cup of coffee. There is also a veranda outside the office to breathe some fresh air. And of course, a classy comfort rooms for men and women employees.

We’ve been more grateful to be here at our new workplace. Our founder decided to purchase the new office because of our growing team and to have a new environment where working in this company would make us feel more relax while dealing with our challenging projects. That feeling of excitement of the first glance to the place leads us to the excitement where we can imagine ourselves sitting on our chairs in front of our dual-monitor computers and productively doing our tasks.

At present, we enjoy working at our new headquarters. No more feeling of working in just four corners of a room. The place is cool and can cope up with the hot temperature outside. This workplace greatly affects our performance positively in doing our job and accomplishing our tasks for it gives us the perfect atmosphere to feel more at ease while working. We believe that this new office would make us effective and efficient in our tasks, enhance our strong team spirit, and give more value in everything that we do. Moreover, our new office may be a room for growth and be the right place for our new employees in the future.

This is a big step for the company because it triples the size of our previous workplace. Our company is growing. With our new bigger office, this may be the start of a new journey for Fullstack IT Solutions.

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