26 CSS Puns That Are Very Humorous And Interesting

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The work of a web designer or programmer is not all about serious codes and designs. It’s better to put a little sense of humor while you do your job. Check out this collections of Saijo George gathered from the posts in Reddit and DesignerNews. You’ll surely love these interesting collections.

Have FUN with these CSS PUNs! 🙂

  1. Titanic


  1. Bermuda Triangle

  1. Harry Potter

  1. USA plus Mexico

  1. Europe

  1. China

  1. Sniper Mode

  1. Bambis Mom

  1. Periodic Table

  1. Big Bang

  1. Chuck Norris

  1. Tower of Pisa

  1. Australia

  1. The Hulk

  1. Oliver Queen

  1. Ninja

  1. Leprechaun

  1. Muscles

  1. Yomama

  1. Wife

  1. Lego

  1. Hobbit

  1. Delorean

  1. Obese

  1. RIP

  1. Illuminati



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