Fullstack IT Solutions First Company Outing – Part 2

This is the continuation of my first blog, https://psdwizard.com/fullstack-company-outing-part-1/

So, here are more games that we have played and enjoyed.

Elephant March

IMG_1068 IMG_1071

IMG_1064 IMG_1085

IMG_1072 IMG_1080

Owen’s Game (Modern Charades)

DSC08373 DSC08371

DSC08372 DSC08367

And that’s it! Those are the crazy games that we have played. Some of the prizes that we’ve got were chocolates and chips. Everyone is participating once his or her name was picked from the box and called by the host. All of us employees have been such good sports.



During intervals, we also enjoyed playing billiards.

DSC08318 DSC08317

IMG_1001 IMG_1094

IMG_1098 IMG_1109


But wait, there’s more! We also have a raffle draw. Winners got the chance of winning prizes such as flash drives and gift certificates.

DSC08316 DSC08353

IMG_1063 DSC08378


Merienda Time

Of course, an occasion would not be be complete, if there is no food.

DSC08312 DSC08313

DSC08314 DSC08315

Intermission Numbers

In the event, we also have intermission numbers where most of the employees have shown their hidden singing talents.

DSC08346 IMG_1011

IMG_1046 DSC08356

DSC08355 DSC08359

Swimming Time

IMG_1093 DSC08379

DSC08382 DSC08392



We had our version of “Boodle Fight.”



After an hour, we’ve decided to celebrate with some bottles of beer.

That ends our celebration but not the end of the bond of our team. Hence, this event open the doors for us to know more about ourselves as a team, leads us to continue our hardwork, patience, and perseverance. Likewise, to improve ourselves to reach our goals as well as to become better as part of this amazing team and to grow as an individual.