Fullstack IT Solutions First Company Outing – Part 1

In a company, it is not all the time that you have to seat in front of your computer, type onto those keyboards and click on that mouse. Once in a while, find time to loosen up and energize yourself, together with your colleagues.

Our Company, Fullstack IT Solutions, had its first ever company outing at a private function hall and swimming pool. This company outing is a means of relaxation and  enjoyment to bond with our co-workers. It is a time to relieve stress from those challenging tasks and projects. It is also a perfect moment to celebrate the success of the company that it undergoes at present.

Our event started, of course, with a prayer led by Ederlyn Batac.

DSC08282 DSC08283

Proceeding to the introductory part, Peng Enriquez, founder of Fullstack IT Solutions, had an inspiring speech. He talked about how did the company started from a single employee up to where it is now with more than ten employees. He also pointed out how hardworking and patient his employees are. Through his speech, you’d really realized how dedicated he is and how he love what he is doing.

DSC08284 DSC08285

Thereafter, on this event, we also celebrated the birthday of our recently promoted web development team leader, Patrick Flores. Through his dedication, hardwork and patience, he really deserves such promotion.

DSC08293 DSC08294


Longest Happy Birthday Greeting Game

DSC08297 DSC08298

DSC08300 DSC08301

DSC08302 DSC08303

Calamansi Relay

DSC08304 DSC08306

DSC08308 DSC08311

Trip to Jerusalem

IMG_0995 IMG_0996

DSC08326 IMG_0999

DSC08329 DSC08333

Newspaper Dance

DSC08338 DSC08339


IMG_1020 IMG_1022

IMG_1024 IMG_1030

Face the Cookie

IMG_1031 IMG_1038

IMG_1033 IMG_1034

IMG_1036 IMG_1037

IMG_1035 IMG_1042

Suck It Up

DSC08348 DSC08349

DSC08350 DSC08351

Pinoy Henyo

IMG_1048 IMG_1049

IMG_1050 IMG_1051

IMG_1059 IMG_1060

IMG_1061 IMG_1062

IMG_1058 IMG_1057

IMG_1054 IMG_1053

How fun is our celebration, right? 🙂

For more games and happenings, here is a part two. Hit this link https://psdwizard.com/fullstack-company-outing-part-2/