Did You Know That Customer Reviews Have An Impact For Your Business?

Whenever you avail services over the internet, buy anything online, or play with an app, you would encounter a typical online review. Mostly represented by “star” rating wherein customers evaluate their overall experience. These reviews and ratings generally reflect consumer experience with your business and give insights to your potential customers.

With the lists of customer reviews ranging on how excellent your product or service is and to some negative comments, how important are they in terms of purchasing decisions? Does these reviews really help in online marketing? Are these customer reviews have an impact for your business?

Purchasing Decisions

Customer reviews play an essential role in customers’ purchasing decisions. Majority of customers read and trust these reviews before deciding to make a purchase.

According to a survey by BrightLocal, 92% of consumers read online business reviews. They also indicate that 88% of consumers form an opinion about a business by reading less than ten online reviews.
(Source: https://www.brightlocal.com/learn/local-consumer-review-survey/)

This means that the information customers read affects their decision relying on the experiences of previous or regular customers. Some may depend on the overall star rating and some may also rely on the quantity of reviews. But generally, reviews affect the online reputation of a business and how would customers evaluate what they see.

Higher Conversions

The conversion rate of a website increases by the visitors who purchase something on the site. Customers’ reviews give credibility to your brand and while these reviews provide such brand confidence, they also drive conversions.

Many business owners work hard to get the highest rating they can. And yet, a mixture of good and bad reviews actually be what drives purchase. They can eliminate any doubts potential customers may have about your product or service. When something is offered as “perfect”, it becomes suspicious and customers may think of it as too good to be true. Bad reviews make your business normal. It is likely to have your business make meaningful improvements to meet customer expectations.

Online Marketing Benefits

Customers’ review can be one of your effective sales drivers. Satisfied customers may help you promote your products as they give feedback to their great experience of your product or service. They post their review while giving you a free and credible endorsement.

Gathering customer reviews on your site can also drive organic search rankings on search engines. These reviews attract fresh, relevant and unique content for search engines which serve as a cost-efficient marketing tool that gives a higher chance of getting high rankings.


Customer reviews have a great impact for your business, greatly affecting the performance of your brand. Reviews also affect both business owners and customers. The trust and confidence is build through customers’ reviews which influences your target audience. And the most important thing is that you pay attention on improving your business and consumer experience, whether reviews are good or bad.