Sketch to HTML

Convert SKETCH to Responsive HTML

The launch of Bohemian Coding – Sketch 3 shook up an industry dominated by Adobe for more than two decades, and it has caused an ongoing debate about whether Sketch is better than Photoshop and Illustrator (and Fireworks).

At our company, we mainly use visual design software for web/UI design. This means that we almost always need to be able to convert a static design prototype to HTML and CSS.

Here are some 5 reasons to use Sketch

1. Vector and pixel mode – Maintanable and Scalable




2. Presents and Symbols – Duplication and Updates

sketch04 sketch05

3. On the fly and non destructive revisions – remove frictions and frustrations

sketch06 sketch07

4. Effective Export – Multi sizes and format at once


5. Community – Fast growing user base and resources


We love Sketch and if you need assistance to convert your Sketch into HTML and making sure its pixel perfect, you can email us here:¬†with any questions you have about your project, and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours.